S 1000 XR
Performance with Practicality

Milan EICMA show saw the release of the new Adventure Sport contender from BMW – the S 1000 XR. Blending the comfort, practicality and ability to eat miles from the R 1200 GS with the blistering performance and dynamics from the S 1000 RR superbike – the S 1000 XR has become a very interesting proposition for us as bikers. We were lucky enough to get a closer look at the Milan show, to see how it fits and feels, and came away extremely impressed by how versatile this bike will be.

The headline figures are of course centred around ‘that’ engine derived from the RR and familiar in the S 1000 R, punching out a substantial 160bhp. A fully fuelled and ready to ride weight of 228kg plus a standard saddle height of 840mm are going to make this machine easy to get along with. The technology is absolutely state of the art with options of ABS Pro (an ABS system that is able to cope with braking on a corner), Shift Assist Pro giving clutchless gear shifts both up and down the box, Dynamic ESA (semi-active suspension derived from the HP4 superbike) and Dynamic Traction Control to keep things as controlled (or as wild) as you would like. All of these element are brought together with the option of Rider Mode Pro balancing engine, throttle, traction and suspension to give you a bike which fits your riding style or conditions perfectly.

We were pleased to see full luggage available and the low positioning of the exhaust means no compromise on capacity. The option of an integrated satellite navigation mount/controller and a 20 litre tank means you are good to go anywhere.

Launch is set for June 2015 and more than any model before, we urge you to talk to us about getting an order in place to avoid disappointment – if this is going to be extremely desirable for us we think you will like it very much too.

Call a member of our sales team on 01420 587 007 (Alton) or 01628 509 600 (Maidenhead)

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