First on Scene
How you can help

One of the great things about owning a motorcycle is the freedom it affords. We can move unencumbered through traffic and cover many miles efficiently. What this can mean though is that we very quickly get to the front of a queue when there has been an accident. So what do you do then? Back …

Track Events
2017 Bahnstormer Track Events

We love our track events, especially the European ones. Having done 6 years of these now, we find that our format of a relaxed open pit lane event is by far the most enjoyable way to try out track riding for the first time all the way through to honing your skills as a fast advanced …

Fish and Chip rides

Our most popular event over the years and so simple. You recommend your favourite fish and chip venues in the South, we pick the best and then we ride there! Watch out for our 2017 diary, published in the new year

Bahnstormer Off Roading
Trail Riding is back

Off roading at our Alton Motorrad Centre is back on!  Green laning | Come and join us off road around Hampshire’s byways from our Alton Motorrad Centre. Knobbly tyres a must and enduro machines (of any make) recommended. It’s great fun with an element of risk!:) Keep an eye out for dates and times via Facebook. …