S 1000 RR MU
New for 2023

BMW Motorrad unveiled the new S 1000 RR yesterday afternoon and we hope that you will agree it looks sensational.

Visually it is all about those front winglets that produce up to 10kg of extra downforce and a shorter rear end with a tail unit that can either accommodate a passenger seat, M Datalogger or an action camera mount.

Technically there is an increase in power to 210bhp thanks to some of the developments launched for the MRR, such as optimised airbox and intake system. There are also improved electronics that add slip and slide capability. Slip and slide may not sound like a great idea but by having a steering angle sensor linked to the Dynamic Traction Control, you have the ability to slide the bike into a corner by braking hard with a positive application of the rear brake and then drift the bike out of a corner under power at a predetermined angle. Admittedly these are functions that may appeal more to the track day enthusiast, but get it right and you will look really cool!

The new RR gets tweaks to the chassis in steering rake, castor and wheelbase to improve precision and front wheel feedback whilst now having the M adjustable chassis kit as standard to set the bike up more as you want it. The powerful M brake calipers are now standard (although black and badged BMW unless you have the M Pack when they’re blue and badged M, as with the MRR) as is the lightweight lithium-ion M battery, saving a further 2kg on the previous generation’s lead battery. The rear sprocket size goes up a tooth to 46 for even more thrust and the shift assist gets further fettling to improve the quality of shifting. This now enables you to downshift with a partially open throttle – something that inadvertently caught us out from time to time with the previous generations.

Some of the other tweaks will go under the radar but are really useful. Previously, when you selected one of the sports display screens on the TFT, this would be lost each time the bike was switched off. Slightly annoying when doing track days and having to reselect your favourite display for each new session but now it retains the selected screen – perfect. You also get the activation code included to add an optional M GPS Lap Trigger, which integrates into the TFT display to give you clear lap time information and has over 300 circuits preloaded to use.

Three colours are available from launch: M Motorsport, Passion Red and Black Storm Metallic.

For more details contact our Sales team on 01420 587 007 (Alton) or 01628 509 600


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