Red Bull X-Alps

When Power Traveller (manufacturers of off grid power devices) CEO, Jerry Ranger, came to us with an idea about doing the Red Bull X-Alps event, we were naturally cautious! Luckily, his idea was about supporting rather than actually competing so things were starting to look up. The thing that took it past tipping point was that our favourite adventurer, Squash Falconer, would be joining us.

The event is basically to get across the Alps from Salzberg to Monaco by running up mountains and jumping off them with a paraglider to cover a straight line distance of over 1,000km.  Power Traveller are sponsoring the prologue event and we are there to ride bikes and photograph the action with our in-house photographer, John Gilbride.

Just along the Alps is the BMW Motorrad Days annual gathering in Garmisch Partenkichen where over 45,000 bikers descend on the beautiful town to celebrate everything BMW does with two wheels. Its a fantastic event to experience and meet the likes of Guy Martin, Sabine Holbrook and Chris Pfeiffer.

Sometimes work is difficult and then sometimes it’s like this!

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