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From this Saturday (19/9/20) you will be able to test the new BMW R 18 for yourself at our Alton and Maidenhead locations.

From our initial experiences with the new bike this week there are a couple of things that immediately come to mind. This is not a BMW version of a Harley-Davidson, in fact it feels so authentically BMW. As you look down the black pin-striped tank, the view out is very pleasing indeed – you are of course aware of the engine but also the design detailing in the clocks and forks. 

The second thing you notice is the sound. It doesn’t reveal itself at idle or even revving whilst at a standstill, but when you get going and put the engine under load it is quite simply addictive.

This is a bike to enjoy. The team here have been fighting over who gets to ride it next  and that is high praise indeed.

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