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OptiMate 4 Quad Program CAN-Bus Battery Charger (UK PLUG UKCA)

This Optimate Can-Bus QUAD BMW Charger will maintain your BMW battery whether you have a standard lead acid or a Lithium type battery.

Just plug the charger into the DIN socket on your bike for 24/7 battery monitoring, using the mode selection to switch between the 4 programs; Lead-Acid, Lead-Acid BMW, Lithium and Lithium BMW.

The lithium charge program also includes a reset to ‘wake up’ Lithium batteries which have dropped below their shut down voltage (usually around 8V).

  • For conventional and Lithium batteries
  • Maximum charge current 1.25A for fast charge
  • Lithium charge program includes a BMS reset to ‘wake up’ Lithium batteries
  • Included with the Optimate QUAD charger:
    • Charger hanging hook
    • DIN connector plug with SAE connector
    • Lead with crocodile clips and SAE connector
    • Permanent weatherproof battery lead with SAE connector

Suitable for:

  • DIN socket charging on BMW CanBus models since 2004
  • Pre-2004 BMW motorcycles / non-BMW motorcycles; using crocodile clips OR direct to battery connection (both options included)
  • The direct to battery option is the advised option for the BMW R 1300 GS
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