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OptiMate 4 Charger CAN-Bus Edition (UK PLUG UKCA)

The latest version of the award-winning OptiMate 4 Dual Program charger, pre-packed with DIN plug cable and with CAN-bus mode pre-selected, ready for use with CAN-bus motorcycles out of the box.

A hassle-free solution for owners of CAN-bus equipped BMW bikes to charge via the 12V power socket. This model can also be used in normal mode with other vehicles using the supplied lead.

Alternating test and charge programs provide the recommended maintenance voltage for AGM/GEL batteries, whilst reducing the average voltage as required, making it ideal for indefinite and safe long term maintenance of all 12V lead-acid batteries.

  • Switch between modes with a simple procedure
  • Pre-qualification test: indicates battery condition prior to charging
  • Automatic desulphation and recovery mode engages to recover neglected and flat batteries to a chargeable state
  • Absorption and equalisation: current delivered in pulses, brings battery to full charge in shortest possible time
  • Charge verification and short circuit / dead cell check
  • CAN-bus program: keyless activation guarantees automatic re-opening of connection even with ignition turned off

Please note, this battery charger is NOT suitable for lithium-ion batteries. For lithium-ion batteries please select the BMW Battery Charger Plus via the link below.

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