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GS Rallye GTX Trousers



The well-ventilated GS Rallye GTX trousers come with a waterproof GORE-TEX® outsert, providing you with excellent protection against wind, adverse weather conditions, and dirt.

Made with extremely abrasion-resistant polyamide and cotton materials in combination with NP3 joint protectors for a high level of safety. The stylish and modern look is supplemented by many practical details such as the zipped pockets.

  • Ventilated trousers with stretch inserts and ‘outsert’ for the worst weather conditions
  • Extremely abrasion-resistant and air-permeable materials
  • Suitable for hot to medium temperatures
  • Zip fasteners for directing airflow to upper thigh area
  • NP3 protectors for vulnerable areas
  • Zipped pocket on each upper thigh
  • Trouser leg width is easily adjustable and opens wide for pulling trousers on or off
  • Trouser-leg width adjusts by integrated zip fastener for a snug fit over boots
  • Steplessly adjustable ankle closure with hook-and-loop fastener
  • Hook waist adjustment system
  • Connecting zippers: all-round and short
  • Stretch zone above seat of trousers
  • Leather pad on inside of each knee
  • Reflective print on each trouser leg
  • Protection class AA to EN 17092

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