M 1000 RR

BMW Motorrad took the recent decision to align their High Performance brand products (HP2, HP4 Race etc) with the BMW car division’s M brand (M3, M4 etc). This morning we were presented the first, full-fat M product for motorcycles; the M 1000 RR.

We are particularly excited as where the uber-exotic HP4 Race was track only, the M 1000 RR is a road machine that is homologated to allow the alterations to be used in BMW’s racing, such as BSB and WSBK. Where the S 1000 RR is already considered to be the best superbike on the market at the moment, the M 1000 RR goes further again.

Power is up to 212HP and wet weight is down to 192kg. The engine has been comprehensively reworked with modified pistons, lighter and longer titanium con rods, fully machined air intake ports and higher rev limits to give a more racetrack oriented characteristic without losing sight of its road credentials. This ‘race feel’ is highlighted when you see on the dyno graphs where slight losses to the S 1000 RR on paper in the lower rev range are all exceeded when you get above 6,000rpm. This is a bike to be ridden hard.

The distinctive blue M brakes are another familiar visual item taken from the M cars although these have been designed in conjunction with Nissin who support the BMW WSBK projects.

Adding the M Competition Package brings extra carbon and milled components, datalogger and a lighter swing arm. It also includes the somewhat fascinating M Endurance chain that has a diamond-like coating to provide maintenance-free operation and no adjustment requirements.

Last but not least, the carbon winglets add downforce to allow later braking and earlier, harder acceleration and certainly give the bike an air of purpose.

Take a look at 44 Teeth’s video on BMW’s M 1000 RR announcement here to get a better understanding of this exciting machine.

All in all, it looks amazing and we want one. Price is confirmed at £30,935 OTR with the M Competition Pack an additional £4,100. We can place orders now and would look at early 2021 for first deliveries.


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