Introducing BMW Motorrad Connectivity
Debuts on the R 1200 GS and GSA

The international gathering of all things BMW – BMW Motorrad Days, set in the stunning Alpine scenery of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, was the venue for revealing some impressive new technology that’s coming our way. Most eye-catching was the latest R 1200 GS Adventure which was sporting a rather attractive TFT colour display.

BMW Motorrad Connectivity

Available on the latest 2018 MY R 1200 GS and Adventure from September production, the display integrates your smartphone (via an App) and your BMW Communications System in your helmet with your motorcycle. All this is accessed safely and conveniently by the now familiar controller wheel on the left-hand handlebar.

You can also have navigation displayed utilising lane, distance and turning direction arrow information again via your smartphone App.

BMW Motorrad Connectivity navigation

Add this to the ability to control your music, phone calls and display vehicle information via a crystal-clear colour display, you have a incredibly powerful and intuitive tool to enhance your riding even further.

Price of the TFT Connectivity Display is £595.

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  1. Comment by: Nick Williams

    Can it be retro fitted?

  2. Comment by: George SCosta

    Can this TFT display be retrofitted on a 2016 R1200 GS Adventure?

  3. Comment by: Simon Hunt

    Is this available as retro fit. I have a 2017 euro 4 model

  4. Comment by: JR

    I have a 2017 Triple Black Adventure. Can the TFT screen be retro-fitted?

  5. Comment by: Alberto

    I can see the general fitting seems to be pretty close to the previous models (mine, 2014 GSA). Does it mean it could be retrofitted in the previous LC models, probably with a software update too? That would be really great, I’m sure many of us will pay for such a great update.

  6. Comment by: Dave

    can it ne retro fitted? I have a 17 plate so wont be buying a new one for 3 years, had I know about this prior to purchase I may have waited.

    1. Comment by: Bahnstormer

      It’s an interesting question Dave to which we do not have a definitive answer yet. You need to have the On Board Computer Pro option (part of the TE specification) as a pre-requisit but it ought to be unless they only release it coded to specific chassis numbers – we’ll await with interest.

  7. Comment by: Vaidas

    I have a 2017 Triple Black Adventure. Can the TFT screen be retro-fitted?

    1. Comment by: Bahnstormer

      Nothing available so far – it will have to be a case of watch this space!

  8. Comment by: Brendan Ebbs

    I have a 2016 TE model R GS1200Adventure and would be very interested in knowing if the ability to retro fit the cockpit with a TFT is going to happen soon.

  9. Comment by: Al

    how do you connect the speech from the navigator 6 to the tft unit, so directions from the navigator come through the helmet, from my playing so far, the bmw Bluetooth headset, only accepts the tft or the nav 6, the system does not work together. Unlike the GT1600 were everything talks together.

    1. Comment by: Bahnstormer

      Hi Al – we think you’re right with this. Either connect to the Nav VI or the TFT if using the navigation via the ‘Connected’ app. You should get equal facilities as you can stream music through either and control phone calls. This is supported by BMW’s website
      “Can I hear voice prompts or listen to music from the BMW Motorrad Navigator when my in-helmet communication system is connected with the TFT-display?

      No. The BMW Motorrad Navigator’s audio output can only be used if the Navigator is directly connected to the in-helmet communication system.”

  10. Comment by: Mike Ball

    Recently bought a 17 plate Rallye and was told by the dealer that TFT screens can only be retro-fitted to bikes post Oct 17. Or mayembe it was Nov 17 😬

    1. Comment by: Bahnstormer

      Hi Mike – The TFT screen was only available from factory from October production – we haven’t seen any retrofit options or prices if there was an option!:)

  11. Comment by: IanGrant

    Will the new TFT screen Bluetooth directly to my helmet fitted with a Scala G4 headset communications system? And wiil
    It transport music etc from my iPhone.

    1. Comment by: Bahnstormer

      Hi Ian – good question – it ‘ought’ to work but we haven’t seen it paired up in practice and there was that issue of pairing up a second headset to the K1600 audio. Are you anywhere near either of our centres to try pairing up to our demo bike?

  12. Comment by: Sharron

    Hi. Are you aware of any issues connecting a Sena to the TFT unit and how would it work when connecting a pillion passenger.


    1. Comment by: Bahnstormer

      Thanks for the question – were just charging up a pair of Interphone headsets (which we guess will be indicative of the Sena ones too) and will see what happens with the pillion connection – we’ll report back shortly!

    2. Comment by: Bahnstormer

      Right – approach with caution is our view on this! BMW Bluetooth headsets from System 7 and GS helmets work fully as you’d expect, System 6 and older loses the volume control on the wheel (but still works on the helmet obviously) while the Interphone connects but doesn’t function on rider or pillion. It may be worth bringing the Sena in to try as they may have updated their software.

  13. Comment by: Matt smith

    Hi I have a 2018 triple black with tft, I’m looking to purchase a communication system to retro fit to mine and wife’s arai helmets as my old Scala will not pair.
    What systems do work and pair with the tft screen? Cannot seem to find one on the Internet be it BMW or another make?
    Be great to have some advice on this
    Many thanks

    1. Comment by: Bahnstormer

      Difficult one this Matt – we haven’t had much success with anything although a customer anecdotally said his Sena headset worked (it had a built in camera) but we haven’t tested it for ourselves yet. Are you completely wedded to Arai? The BMW helmets are exceptionally good, quieter than the Arai, and of course the BMW system fits…..?

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