BMW M 1000 XR Launch
Saturday 6th April 2024

Join us at Bahnstormer this Saturday 6th April for the launch of the BMW M 1000 XR and the S 1000 XR.

A long-distance sports bike designed to meet the highest demands, from dynamic riding on country roads to long-distance touring and racing is the new M 1000 XR is the third M model from BMW.

The BMW ShiftCam four-cylinder engine of the RR is adapted for the XR, with 201 hp (147 kW) at a maximum speed of 14,600 rpm. In conjunction with the sports gearbox with shorter ratios in 4th, 5th and 6th gear, as well as a shorter secondary ratio, the M XR is perfected for performance-oriented long-distance journeys.

With an engine output of 201bhp and weighing only 223kg the MX R opens up dynamic driving capabilities previously reserved for thoroughbred superbikes.

Simply the lightest and most powerful production crossover bike in the world. An M bike through and through. Trimmed down for maximum performance and in this case, long-distance performance.

Come down and see this and the latest S 1000 XR at both Alton and Maidenhead showrooms this coming Saturday.

To book a test ride call a member of our Sales team on 01420 587 007 (Alton) or 01628 509 600 (Maidenhed)



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