HP2 Sport
April 2009 | 3,100 miles United Kingdom – Now sold

In 2007 BMW brought out an amazing bike to go endurance racing with. Set against the superbikes from Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki it looked like it was taking a knife to a gun fight as it was, on paper, significantly down on power. The bike turned out to be surprisingly successful and whetted the appetites of BMW enthusiasts looking for the ultimate sporting boxer engined bike. In 2008 it finally came in the form of the HP2 Sport and what a bike. Adorned with the best equipment around, such as the MotoGP style 2D dash, full Ohlins suspension and Brembo monobloc callipers all dressed in beautiful carbon fibre bodywork. The finish of the top yolk and rear sets is exquisite and to our minds the best standard we have seen on any bike at any price.

To ride this bike is a real treat. The exhaust note growls and pops, rewarding both up and downshifts with an addictive soundtrack. The bike is light and flows through the bends but then, unlike any boxer before it, it delivers more and more the harder you rev it. As a motorcycle should be, it makes you want to attack the next corner taking you off the motorways and onto its home turf of the twisting A and B roads. We absolutely love this bike!

The HP4 has eclipsed this bike as a precision implement of speed, but will BMW ever again produce a bike with such beauty, such craftsmanship and such poise remains to be seen.

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