Bahnstormer Chickens
Fresh Eggs Every Day

Did you know the eggs used in the Bahnstormer Cafe are laid by the Bahnstormer Chickens! Using high quality, fresh produce was always our mission for the Cafe and supplying our own eggs really helps achieve that goal.
Pictured left to right, Willow, Meryl, Shakira, Enid, Hazel, Lillian and Razzle (Alistair’s personal favourite, pictured centre) together with camera shy Eugenie are all happily looked after by Colin the Cockerel and are very proud to be supplying the absolute freshest produce to our thriving cafe. Oftentimes you’ll be eating an egg laid that same morning – on the days the motorcycle ride in gets them there unscathed that is.
With demand on the rise the flock will eventually need to grow, we’re thinking by three and to be named Cheryl, Sharon and Sheila – after our very own Bahnstormer ladies…!

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