Bahnstormer Cafe
Now Serving Bacon Rolls

Whether you’re in for service or just passing you can’t beat a bacon roll and cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee.

Serving all day from Tuesday to Saturday with home made pastries and a choice of freshly baked pizza.

Visit our cafe page for more details and our menu.


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  1. Comment by: Ian Fox

    Had a breakfast bacon roll, fruit juice and coffee, when my R1250RT was in for service recently. Excellent quality all round and superb value. Well recommended.

    Old Foxy

    1. Comment by: Bahnstormer

      So pleased you enjoyed it Ian and thank you for your kind words. Hopefully see you back here again soon.

      John Gilbride

  2. Comment by: Warren

    Breakfast Pizza….Inspired but dangerous & moreish!

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