Bahnstormer 2019 Events
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Of course having a motorbike is great, but really we see it as a tool that enables you to experience new things, meet new people and visit new places. This has pretty much been our mantra over the years and we always ask when you are considering a change of bike what you think you’re going to be doing with it. In some ways we are very lucky as we get to enjoy what motorbikes can offer on a daily basis but also we hear about where you’ve been and what you’ve done along with attended launches in different countries and tried all the variations on what you can do on two wheels, be it track, trail or road.

So, not only does creating an events calendar work for us because it means we can do our favourite things with you, adding fun to what we do day-to-day, plus it hopefully it helps you get even more enjoyment out of your biking journey.

With something for everyone we have off roading, short European breaks, track events in Europe, local off road afternoons and evening fish and chip runs through the summer. Everything we do has been specially selected to meet what we think works best – the best value circuits with the best instruction or the best off road training or maybe just the best value hotels. The first events are available to book online here or if you are passing either of our Alton or Maidenhead BMW Motorrad Centres, you can have a look at our events board in the cafe area to see what’s been added.






















































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