North Coast 500
Ben Brown & Steve Booker put the new GS to the test

The North Coast 500 is Scotland’s answer to Route 66 with arguably better scenery. Starting off from Inverness heading north taking in Applecross, Ullapool and all the way up to John 0’Groats before looping south along the West Coast back to Inverness again.

The story is that vloggers, photographers and adventurers, Ben Brown and Steve Booker, were stuck in the UK following Ben’s passport going AWOL. To fill the time they contacted Bahnstormer with an idea, and that idea was to tackle the NC500 on the latest 2017 R 1200 GS. It was March so who knew what the weather was going to do but come rain or shine (or heavy snow!), the GS was always the right bike.

This is a short clip of what they got up to suffice to say that they absolutely loved the bikes – more to follow!

Music – Band of Rain
Film – Zach Lower

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