2017 Model Update
F 700/800 GS and F 800 GSA

Changes to the BMW model lineup for 2017 include updates to the F series of bikes which have been adapted to meet the new EU4 regulations.

The F700, F 800 GS and F 800 GSA all now get ride-by-wire, which means rider modes will now be available on all bikes.

Modes ‘Rain’ and ‘Road’ will now be standard on all bikes with ‘Enduro’ and ‘Enduro Pro’ available as options on the F 800 GS and GS Adventure.

Bikes are available from August 2016, call our sales team on 01420 587 007 (Alton) or 01628 509 600 (Maidenhead) for more details


700-GS 800-GS-Black 800-GS-exclusive 800-GS-Rallye 800-GS 800-GSA

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