Baron von Grumble
Edition S 1000 RR – S1 BVG

As 2017 was the 10th Anniversary of Bahnstormer BMW, we wanted to do something a little different to celebrate. One of the ideas that floated straight to the top of an otherwise lacklustre bucket of creative swill was to do a Bahnstormer Edition bike, but this time to hand over the whole design process to legendary vlogger, Baron von Grumble.

We decided we had to choose the bike that had defined the last 10 years for us; the superbike sector crushing S 1000 RR – and so the journey began.

Having realised that this was quite a big project, we enlisted the help of BMW Motorrad UK and Image Design Custom, a custom paint shop in Camberly who produce the most amazing quality work, before writing out the biggest shopping list of everything desirable for the RR we had ever done.

The results of months of deliberating are shown below and we are very pleased we did it. The good news for you is that now the project has finished it is time to say goodbye and offer you the opportunity of owning this one-off creation complete with ‘S1 BVG’ private plate.

Bahnstormer Edition S 1000 RR – £21,995



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