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The Complete Book of BMW Motorcycles


The Complete Book of BMW Motorcycles: Every Model Since 1923 – by Ian Falloon. Ian is a prolific author and one of the worlds foremost motorcycle historians with years of experience.

This insight into the history of BMW Motorcycles includes all models from the origins in 1923 right through to 2021, and shows how throughout their history BMW motorcycles have provided a unique alternative to those of other manufacturers.

Some motorcycles may have been faster, perhaps others were cheaper, but none have emulated the BMW emphasis on quality and reliability, making the BMW motorcycle the preferred choice for hundreds of thousands of riders around the world.

With long model runs, well developed designs, and a refreshing refusal to comply with the modern trend towards instant obsolescence, BMW motorcycles are made to be ridden, and whatever your journey holds, there is no better motorcycle.

This book is suitable for fitting to: all BMW motorcycle enthusiasts

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