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Street X Helmet

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Specifically designed for versatile on-road use, whether on the motorway, country road or urban riding, this helmet is a perfect choice, combining comfort and safety with a modern design.

The adjustable sun visor allows for fast adjustment to changes in light conditions. Optimised in a wind tunnel, the Street X also guarantees excellent aerodynamics and aeroacoustic performance.

The good ventilation keeps your head cool, while the double glazed visor offers an optimal view, and despite the impressive range of functions, the Street X is still a very light helmet.

  • Full-face helmet with integral sun visor
  • Outer shell of fibreglass-reinforced plastic
  • Inner shell made of multiple segmented EPS
  • MaxView double glazed visor – antifogging, large field of vision, and scratch resistant
  • Highly effective ventilation for visor, chin and head areas
  • Very good aerodynamics and aeroacoustics
  • Integrated slide-control operated sun visor
  • Antibacterial and hypo-allergenic interior – removable and washable
  • Chinstrap with double-D buckle
  • Rear spoiler
  • Low weight: approx. 1450g (small shell)
  • Approved acc. to ECE 22-05

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