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R 1200 R/RS LC Adjustable Footrests

These high quality CNC-milled rider footpegs are made of a grey anodized high strength aluminium alloy, and they are both individually adjustable to three different positions.

The left footpeg includes the gearshift lever, and the right footpeg includes the brake lever.

  • High-strength aluminium alloy, grey anodized
  • Height-adjustable with top position the same as the standard footrest
  • Levers adjustable up/down and forward/back
  • Adjustable to match individual boot size
  • Safe, comfortable hold with 3 rubber inserts on each footpeg
  • Size of the footpeg’s tread surface is similar to the standard
  • Emphasizes a sporty appearance
  • BMW Motorrad logo laser-engraved on side surface

Price is per footrest, and they are suitable for your BMW R1200R (2015-) and BMW R1200RS (2016-).

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