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M Pro Race Comp Gloves

The BMW ‘M’ Pro Race Comp gloves represent outstanding performance simultaneously combined with the best possible protective functions.

Made with high-strength materials such as titanium elements integrated into the hard-plastic knuckle shell, skate leather in the elements protecting the palm of your hand, and Kevlar padding on the back of the hand and cuff.

  • High-performance racing glove with best possible protective functions
  • Titanium elements integrated into 3D knuckle shell of hard plastic
  • Back of hand and cuff completely Kevlar-padded
  • Back of hand and thumb with impact-absorbing SUPROTECT® foam padding
  • Padded fall-protection elements on palm of hand additionally covered with skate leather
  • Small finger and ring finger joined to protect small finger (joint bridge can be cut through)
  • Design with M colours to perfectly match the BMW racing range
  • Colour: black/white

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