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GS/GSA LC MachineArt Avant Fender Extender

This Avant fender extension adds an extra 5.5″ of length as well as 2″ of extra width to better control mud, tar and rocks splashing back onto your pipes, engine and surrounding components.

It is designed to install with two self-locking screw clamps (no drilling required) that grip the fender underside for a secure fit, while the angled back wings gives wide coverage without looking wide.

Injection moulded in resilient polypropylene, it exactly matches the texture of the original mudguard. There is nothing else like it!

The front fender of the R1200GS LC and GSA LC is both shorter and pointier at its trailing edge than the previous generation GS making the exposed painted surface of the front engine case even more vulnerable to stone damage.

The Avant reduces clean-up maintenance and helps keep the surrounding parts looking new for longer.

Suitable for R1200GS LC and GSA LC models (not in conjunction with BMW Enduro Engine Guard)

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