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F750/850 Chain Lubrication System

This chain lubrication system is automatically controlled by the running of your bikes engine. An adjustable valve determines the flow rate, and therefore the amount of oil dispensed to the chain.

It ensures that the chain is constantly lubricated on both sides, which means significant reduction in friction, minimizing wear and loss of power.

With suitable valve adjustments, a tank filling of just 50 ml is enough for a journey of approximately 1,500 miles, at an average speed of 40 mph.

  • Standard oil (250 ml) suitable for journeys in temperatures between 0ºc and 30ºc
  • Super oil (250 ml) suitable for journeys in temperatures between 20ºc and 40ºc
  • Continuous chain lubrication
  • Reduces maintenance and care required
  • Lengthens the life of your chain
  • Low tack, making it easy to clean

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