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CoolDown Vest

This revolutionary functional vest uses evaporation to keep you cool. When the vest is wet or damp, the HyperKewl system locks in the moisture and stores it for up to eight hours, providing a significant temperature reduction for the wearer.

  • Cooler vest with HyperKewl functional fabric at back and front
  • Wear it over a t-shirt and inside your jacket
  • Outer material: Nylon and polyester functional fibre
  • Side panels with high stretch material
  • Light and durable
  • Easy to use and to activate
  • Contributes to safety by keeping you cool
  • Front zipper

How it works:

  • Wet the vest – squeeze out excess water
  • Allow surface to dry for a short time and then put on the garment
  • Stored moisture slowly released and the evaporative action produces a comfortable cooling effect
  • Cooling effect lasts approx. 5-8 hours but can vary depending on ambient conditions
  • Wetting the garment again reactivates cooling effect

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