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BMW Motorrad Foot Pump

This compact foot pump is perfect for inflating your motorbike tyres, as well as tyres for other vehicles, such as bicycles, scooters, ATVs, quads, and even cars. Adapters also enable sport and leisure items to be inflated with the pump.

An integrated high-pressure stage is also available for adjusting the air pressure in the pneumatic-suspension elements of motorcycles and bicycles.

  • LCD digital pressure gauge
  • Pressure gauge at valve connector
  • Multifunction pump head
  • Maximum pressure: 12 bar
  • Pressure readout in bar, psi, KPa, kg/cm²
  • High-volume range for rapid inflation of large-capacity objects
  • Automatic cut-out
  • Additional adapters for footballs and airbeds
  • Only 17cm tall in transport-mode
  • Nylon pouch
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