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BMW ‘Advantec Ultimate’ 5/40 Engine Oil – 500ml

With BMW Advantec engine oil, your motorcycle will ride the same as it did on the first day even after thousands of miles. It is perfectly attuned to your bike’s engine, because it was developed by the same specialists who built it.

The ADVANTEC name is a promise of quality. With a unique formula, the oil guarantees smooth running and optimal performance. BMW oils also play a role in preserving the value of your bike.

Advantages for you and your bike are:

  • Improved viscosity characteristics: reduced friction and lower volatility
  • Faster lubrication of the engine and improved cold start behaviour
  • Constant performance – even at extreme temperatures
  • Fuel savings of up to 3%
  • Lower oil consumption
  • Excellent cleaning capabilities thanks to innovative active cleaning technology
  • Longer engine service life thanks to protection against corrosion and wear

Suitable for use with the following BMWs:

    • R 1250 models
    • R 1200 LC models
    • S 1000 models
    • F 900 models
    • F 850 models
    • F 750 models
    • K 1600 models
    • K 1300 models

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