S 1000 R
New for 2021

Announced today the new S 1000 R…..now with the utterly brilliant TFT Screen, ABS Pro and Dynamic Traction Control and three riding modes (rain, road and dynamic) as standard!
The awesome new S 1000 R is available in three colours Hockenheim Silver, Motorsport or Racing Red at £12,055 whilst the Sport model will also be available in all colours but with oodles of additional options and priced at £14,000.
Whilst we don’t have an official launch date for these bikes yet it’s the only detail we’re missing so are ready and able to provide more info if you’d like to hear it, please email customer.service@bahnstormer.co.uk or call Maidenhead 01628 509 600 or Alton 01420 587 007.

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