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R 1200 GS/Adv LC and R 1250 GS/Adv Adjustable Footrests Set – Black

These high-quality forged aluminium footrests are now available in this anodized black finish, and are adjustable to three different height positions. The perfect way to customise your R1200GS LC or R1200GS Adventure LC.

When standing, the extra weight presses the footplate down flush with the footrest. The serrated outside contour exposed in this way offers a better stance and better grip, and therefore offers more control over the motorcycle.

  • Highest position same as the standard footrest, 2 lower positions selectable
  • Easy to adjust by screw
  • Spring-mounted footplate
  • Comfortable spring shock absorption for seated riding
  • Width of the tread: 2 in (+ 0.7 inches vs standard)
  • Length of the tread: 4 in (+ 0.5 inches vs standard)
  • Laser etched BMW Motorrad logo

Please note that the adjuster bolt uses thread lock, so be careful removing it for the first time!

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