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OptiMate Lithium 4S 5A Battery Charger (UK PLUG UKCA)

The OptiMate Lithium protects and guarantees your Lithium Iron Phosphate battery will perform as advertised for a very long time. The unique multi step Ampmatic program recharges and balances cells within the battery quickly and efficiently.

Upon connection, it automatically diagnoses your battery’s condition and sets the optimal charge current and program. This enhanced OptiMate program will even give many deep-discharged and otherwise “dead” batteries a new lease of life.

  • Pre-qualification test: charge program is selected according to temperature and battery condition
  • Low volts recovery: over discharged batteries will be safely recovered
  • Bulk charge: actively adjusts charge to match battery capacity and condition
  • Short-circuited / dead cell check: tracks charge progress and prevents unnecessary charging of battery that cannot be recovered
  • Absorption and equalisation: controls current delivery to aid cell equalisation and improve battery’s overall power delivery
  • Charge verification: limited voltage during monitoring of current/charge absorbed
  • Voltage retention test: indicating the battery’s general state of health
  • Charge maintenance: alternating charge and ‘rest’ program (current delivered only if charge lost) protects battery, making it an ideal charger for long term maintenance
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