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Navigator V – without mount


Co-developed by BMW and Garmin, the Navigator V is an exclusive BMW Motorrad product. Taking trip planning to another level, it features a 5″ screen, larger and brighter than previous models, while the Bluetooth-capable GPS navigation system is reliable both on and off-road.

While riding, the battery is charged via the bike’s power system. It can also be charged by computer via mini USB or by using an optional charging unit.

The Navigator V’s new trip technology redefines route planning by allowing longer, more detailed tours with up to 3,750 reference points per trip. The navigational instructions are partially spoken using real landmarks.

Map zoom is finely graduated and offers tools such as a lane assistant and 3D building display in many cities. The unit features a fully-fledged travel computer, a ‘home’ function, and beeline off road way point navigation.

A free smartphone app is also available, and after pairing the smartphone with the Navigator V, users receive weather and traffic information.

For those days when your motorcycle remains in the garage, the powerful GPS unit can also be used as a portable navigator. Optional car kit also available.

Only suitable for bikes with pre-installed Navigator mount.

Please note – New for 2017, the Navigator VI is now available

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