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Interphone Tour Twin Pack

No compromises for anyone who always wants the maximum, Interphone Tour is the flagship product in the new Interphone line from Cellularline.

Interphone Tour can link up to four motorcyclists communicating over a maximum distance of 1.5 km. Incomparable build quality and elegant design are the hallmarks of this new intercom, which is distinguished by a matt-grey shell.

Compatible with all smartphones equipped with Bluetooth technology, it lets you receive and place phone calls, listen to music and follow navigation instructions along your route.

The Tour is also compatible with all helmets and is completely waterproof. It has a battery with a record life of over 20 hours, and it can be charged very quickly due to Fast Charge technology. It’s the perfect intercom for people who take long trips.

Very easy to install, the Tour combines advanced technology, fine design and simple operation, and as a twin-pack, this set contains two Tour units.

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