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Interphone Active

For great communication between a rider and their passenger, the Interphone Connect audio system is designed for the riders who enjoy the best performance from a Bluetooth and audio device.

Guaranteeing the highest quality sound in all riding conditions, this system offers various options in full Intercom Mode (up to 1 km range in full duplex):

  • 4-way: conference mode between 4 bikes, or 2 bikes each with rider + passenger
  • 3-way: 3 bikes, or 1 bike + 1 bike with rider-to-passenger
  • 2-way: bike-to-bike or rider-to-passenger
  • User-friendly interface, with quick touch direct function buttons
  • Talk time: up to 20 hours
  • Standby: 1000 hours
  • 80MHz digital signal processor to improve audio experience
  • Anycom: allows communication with different branded Bluetooth intercom devices
  • Automatic reconnection (if connection is lost) as soon as coverage is restored
  • Built-in FM radio (88.0 – 108 MHz) with RDS (adjust to best frequency) and 8 pre-set stations
  • Mobile phone options include speed dial, voice call, and last number redial
  • Intercom activation using voice commands (VOX)
  • Smartphone App: allows configuration and control directly from your phone
  • Compatible with most navigation Apps, MP3 / music, with song sharing (rider to passenger)
  • Dimensions: 86.9 mm x 50.4 mm x 22 mm
  • Weight: 55 g

This pack contains one Interphone Active unit

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