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BMW Cleaning Kits


Look after your bike with the full range of the BMW care products, with this convenient kit. Available in two different selections, depending on whether you have chain driven bike, or shaft/belt driven bike.

Both of the cleaning kits include:

  • Folding bucket
  • Sponge
  • Bike cleaning fluid – 500 ml
  • Rim cleaner – 500 ml
  • Insect remover – 500 ml
  • Seat preservation agent – 50 ml
  • Gloss polish – 250 ml
  • Body & Bike shower gel – 250 ml

In addition to this, the ‘Chain Bike’ kit also includes:

  • Chain cleaner – 300 ml
  • Chain spray – 300 ml

Please note that these cleaning kits are suitable for shipping to a UK address only

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