Clima Protect Trousers

Adam introduces the brilliantly practical Clima Protect Trousers, if you fancy a pair you can get them here. If you don’t the clip’s absolutely still worth a watch for the out-takes alone…! 🙈 BMW Clima Protect Trousers from Bahnstormer on Vimeo.

BMW ProRace Boots

The ProRace boots are new to the program in 2019. In their function as light, entry-level boots suitable for touring, they can be worn with jeans or touring trousers, and their discreet appearance allows them to be combined with a wide range of other items from the BMW Motorrad product program. Side and heel sliders …

Bahnstormer 2019 Events
Available to book now

Of course having a motorbike is great, but really we see it as a tool that enables you to experience new things, meet new people and visit new places. This has pretty much been our mantra over the years and we always ask when you are considering a change of bike what you think you’re …

Last R 1200 GS Adventures
Don’t Miss Out

Excitement builds for the launch of the new ShiftCam R 1250 GS Adventure this weekend but it doesn’t mean that the outgoing model is any less brilliant. With this in mind, we secured eight remaining BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Rallye bikes from BMW UK, all with TFT screen, that are available for immediate delivery. …