Dakar 2015
Paveys become first father and son finishers

Simon and Lewelyn Pavey have made Dakar history today by completing the 2015 Dakar Rally. The father and son team have had their fair share of problems in the 2015 rally but a true gritty performance right to the end created a new motorcycling mantra: to finish, first you must be determined. As KTM’s Marc …

BMW Fleet Disposal
Big Savings

For the past three years now we have successfully acquired BMW’s fleet of bikes that have been used as part of their Off Road Skills training facility. These bikes are all mechanically sound but will have the scuffs and scrapes that you might expect from off road use. Each year they have been tremendously popular …

R NineT

'Here’s the surprising part; the power and acceleration in 5th and 6th gear is shockingly superior to my R6' Jo Benz currently rides a Yamaha R6 and an S 1000 RR…the perfect candidate to take the R NineT for a spin. This is what she thought of the cool retro roadster.

S 1000 XR
Performance with Practicality

Milan EICMA show saw the release of the new Adventure Sport contender from BMW – the S 1000 XR. Blending the comfort, practicality and ability to eat miles from the R 1200 GS with the blistering performance and dynamics from the S 1000 RR superbike – the S 1000 XR has become a very interesting …