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  1. Comment by: Graeme mason

    Thanks very much to the team at bahnstormer 2018. Especially the excellent service you gave me after a tipper truck knocked me off of my k1300s in November. You really were on it for me to get it fixed on the insurance quote.
    Thanks for caring. All the best for 2019

    1. Comment by: Bahnstormer

      Hi Graeme, thank you for taking the time to post with your kind words. It’s good to know we were able to get you sorted and back on the bike quickly. All the best for 2019.

  2. Comment by: Paul Angus

    Great sequence of images. Looking forward to more of the same in 2019. Please post or reply with name of artist and or track for the music backing this montage of photos.

    1. Comment by: Bahnstormer

      Thanks Paul. I don’t have the name of the track to hand. It is from a royalty-free music download site called Epidemic Sounds. I’ll let you know when I have the information to hand. Happy New Year

    1. Comment by: Bahnstormer

      Thanks Graham, we like to get our customers involved in a variety of on and off bike activities. Have a great 2019.

  3. Comment by: Steve Marshall

    What a great album of a great year. Congratulations Bahnstormer and best wishes for an equally good 2019.

    1. Comment by: Bahnstormer

      That’s very kind Steve. Have a look at our events page and see what we have planned for 2019. A Happy New Year to you.

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